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These pages are intended to provide usage tips, and resources for SAS Programming, covering all areas from simple data steps, through 4GL programming (programs which write programs) to applications development. These pages are not intended to sell SAS as a product (though the benefits of using SAS aren't hidden), so while they include developing a multi-platform SAS based solution, they also extensively show how SAS can be integrated with your exsiting office tools products to partner SAS with products such as Excel, Word, Attachmate Extra.

Topics covered ;

What is SAS ?

What is a mainframe ?

SAS Programming Tips & Efficiency Considerations,

SAS Applications,

Integrating SAS with Office Tools (e.g. Using Excel to edit mainframe SAS datasets through Attachmate Extra)

Design recommendations,

Hot Topics ;



Maintenance free applications,

Reduce, Re-use & Recycle SAS Tools,

Macro & Datastep Windows