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innovation phonetics of "innovation"
noun [C or U]
(the use of) a new idea or method:
the latest innovations in computer technology

 How does Add-Innovation.co.uk Add Innovation ? 

Some of the techniques and projects undertaken which demonstrate these facets of work ; 


Welcome to Add-Innovation. This site is brought to you by Charles Watson Consultants. Principally SAS programming and IT collaboration specialists, we aim to integrate technologies across all platforms and  operating systems to maximise the productivity of the IT resources you have.

Specific areas of expertise lie in analysing your business requirements through 15 years of commercial business to IT integration experience. Integrating this with your current working practices and IT infrastructure, or working with you to determine the best infrastructure for your requirements. Maximising the potential of this infrastructure to create the optimum IT system.

Often this has involved harnessing the power of your mainframe, summarising huge data sources to a level you can handle on your desktop PCs. Empowering you to do this by extending you mainframe emulator with tools to simplify this task and transfer this data to your desktop. Finally, enabling this data in a tool you readily understand and already use such as Microsoft Excel, and extending this tool to provide the functionality you really need.

Many parts of CWC's objectives are common to the regular mainframe, systems architecture, and business user. Each element of these users are encouraged to delve into each are and exploit their own area of expertise. Indeed, the area of expanding your current office tools has proved so useful within past projects that I have widened CWC's objectives to accomplishing the part as much as the whole.

This has led to the birth of add-innovation, and hence the many Excel Add-ins made available on this site. Many are free, and as a starting introduction, while the product is evaluated by our partners, a major one is available in the Excel Add-In Area.