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The Integrity checking tool

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Do we know what limits should be set against our data - even if it should be grouped in patterns ? How should we handle "rogue" values ? Do we have #N/A and other errors in our data, and how can we quickly fix errors ? 

The integrity checking tool facilitates systematic checking of an Excel spreadsheet to check that values in each column fall within acceptable boundries. If such boundries are not known, then the tool can create these limits for you using by calculating them through standard deviations of the mean for each column, given centiles of the data, or the top and bottom x number of values.

Generally, we find that data is grouped into specific types (e.g. ages), and different boundries apply to different groups (e.g. shoe sizes by childrens age). To cater for this, the tool can recognise given groups according to an identifying column, and further to this, can lookup their group according to the values of that column. Currently the tool has been tailored to match a store number to the geographic group in which it belongs, and further subdivide it into the format type of the store.

An example of the key functions of the form is shown below.
Excel Add In : Integrity checking tool key features.

If you are interested in utilising this tool, please
contact us to see how this can be customised for your data.