Skeletons in Wellingtons.

This is our development blog for Skeletons in Wellingtons. Yes, you read it here first !. "Skellys'" started as a crazy joke between my son Jake and I about how to make a game to rival some of his favourite internet games in terms of madness !

We came up with a game with terrifying skeletons terrorising ordinary folk by throwing wellies at them ! As the game goes on there are Ghosts in coats, Zombies in crombies, and Witches in britches. Keeping the world safe are bible thumpers who literally thump the skeletons with bibles, Wizards throwing fire and brimstone, and Tim the Plum - an unlikely hero / paper-boy who peppers the undead with newpapers, pizzas, and exploding smoothies.

Tim is even helped by Abi, his old Sunday School reject friend. She may be from a poor part of town, but Downtown Abi has some kicking moves !

The theme to the game is that Tim, raised by his strict bible thumping dad recognises that his town holds the worlds most holy shrine. A simple headstone in the town's ancient graveyard, it is so desperately sought by evil, that skeletons, ghouls, witches and more have headed to the town. Like many of the town however, bible thumpers protect the town and keep the place so holy that most of the undead fear to tread. Until, that is, Skeletons in Wellingtons decend on the town !! (Corny, yes, we know !)

The idea started as a crazy joke, and development followed in Scratch - MIT's development environment, intended to get children interested in programming, and a tool I often work on with Jake for fun learning. The game never ended up particularly polished in terms of it's UI or graphics, but some of the techniques demonstrated that Scratch is a great starting place for learning real world IT principles. Players of the game will inevitably however, be left shouting "Rovio, Rovio, where for art thou Rovio ?"

...and here is the prototype ...